• Meridian Water Station
    A proposed new station forming part of the greater Meridian Water major regeneration programme. The masterplan seeks to bring thousands of new homes and jobs to Enfield, north London, next door to Lee Valley Regional Park. The masterplan is being led by Enfield Council with the station being delivered by Network Rail.

    Acanthus Architects LW are the architects delivering the detail design through Network Rail approval, construction and completion. It will be one of the first structures of the masterplan completed and thus has significant importance in defining the standard by which the whole development will be required to achieve.

    Meridian Water station will sit on the mainline to Cambridge as part of what is currently the Greater Anglia network replacing the existing Angel Road station.

    We are currently employed by Arup within the Volker Fitzpatrick D&B team taking the station design to NR GRIP Stages 5, 6 and 7. The project aims to have the new station open in 2019

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