• The Watchtower
    The Watchtower was built in 1915 by Claude Grahame-White, one of the pioneers of British aviation. It was the centre of a complex housing his offices flanked by workshops where the planes were built. The airfield was transferred to military use during the First World War and continued to be used by the RAF until its closure in 1987. The building deteriorated through neglect until the site was purchased by St. George for residential development.

    The Watchtower was listed grade II but a suitable viable use for it could not be found and exceptionally English Heritage agreed to allow it to be dismantled and reconstructed at the RAF Museum reusing as much of the original fabric as possible. We provided design services for the reconstruction, restoring many of the original features and recreating the interior of Grahame-White’s own office.

    Client: Berkeley Homes Central London

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