• GLA/TFL Framework
    Acanthus Architects LW successfully qualified via a rigorous prequalification followed by a design competition for the GLA/TfL Architecture, Design and Urbanism Panel for the following lots.

    Lot 5 – Transport Architecture and Interchange Design
    Lot 6 – Underground, Rail and Specialist Infrastructure
    Lot 10 – Heritage and Conservation Advice

    This framework has been set up to promote the highest quality architecture, public realm, urban regeneration and sustainable development in the capital, the aims of the London Plan and the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.

    The purpose of ADUP is to simplify the process of procuring design services for the public sector. Following extensive evaluation, 83 practices were selected for inclusion. The framework represents a good mix of both experienced and of up-and-coming talent, poised to make a real difference to the future of London.

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