• New Cross Gate Depot
    A suite of bold and critically acclaimed rolling stock maintenance buildings designed to service East London Line rolling stock.

    The project consists of three key buildings. The maintenance facility building is the largest and houses a light and airy traincare hall plus associated stores, management, security, administration and staff welfare functions. The second building contains specialist underfloor wheel lathe and heavy manual cleaning operations. The third building encloses an automatic drive through carriage wash.

    This suite of buildings is conceived as tubes reflecting their internal function and the form of the rolling stock within. Projecting portals create a sense of open ended buildings with their inner faces finished in ELL corporate orange. External cladding is durable profiled metal sheeting with integrated curtain walling allowing high levels of natural daylight resulting in bright and spacious interiors that maximize the quality of the working environment.

    This facility forms a major part of the 2011 ICE London Civil Engineering Awards: Greatest Contribution to London.

    Client: Tony Gee for Balfour Beatty / Carillion Joint Venture for TfL

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