• New Entrance
    Tottenham Court Road Station

    Acanthus Architects LW have been working on the project from 2007-present. Our scope of works comprises the new Oxford Street / Tottenham Court Road Corner Entrance as a standalone feature to accommodate future provision of Oversite Development by the Derwent Group the new  concourse leading to the ticket hall, the Falconberg Court Operations Building and the emergency escape shaft and all works associated with the Central Line and restoration of murals by Eduardo Paolozzi.

    With Phase 1 of the works now open Contractor TWBN  JV is now demolishing the existing ticket hall to enable the remainder of the new ticket hall to be built.  The Central and Northern Line modernisation works will be completed by December 2015, at which point the Central line will re-open to LU’s customers.  In parallel, the South Plaza Entrance is being erected from now onwards.

    Images: Geoff Marshall/londonist.com

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