• London City Island – Phase 2
    An ambitious, landmark housing development on a unique site in East London. This project is part of a masterplan which includes 10 residential buildings, offices, retail, an energy centre and a centrepiece cultural building which is home to the English National Ballet.

    Our commission is Phase II of this prestigious project which consists of approximately 800 units of residential accommodation with ground level retail and service areas. We inherited a RIBA Stage 3 design on which we carried out design reviews and delivered the technical design. We are Lead Consultant on the project which involves co-ordination of a skilled design team.

    The project utilises a modern, prefabricated construction method whereby all major structural elements are constructed off site at a factory in the Netherlands. Structural façade panels, party walls and floor slabs all arrive on site to be lifted into place increasing efficiency and reducing the amount of work required on site. Co-ordination of this design is a critical part of our commission.

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